Monday, January 31, 2011

Mug Rugs

I understand that mug rugs have been around for a while but they are new to us.

A small quilting project, they provide an ideal way to try out new quilting designs whilst being able to complete relatively quickly.

Somewhere between a coaster and a place mat, they provide a nice snack place for your coffee/tea with space for a treat to eat as well.

You can make them in any colour and any design that you choose. Just for starters Linda made a few:-

This one Linda made for me with fabrics of my choice - love it!

This one belongs to our Mum - perfect for her.

Just for fun. This one was made from scraps from a quilting project featuring Kaffe Fasset fabrics.

Maybe you like the concept but not for your favourite mug. Another use could be for a home base for remote controls.


Lisa White said...

Very Cute Miss Peggy! The first thing I thought of were all the scraps while you were here :)

crazyquilter said...

Yes, they could be used for this sort of project very easily.

We have been using those fabrics for quite a few things but we still have heaps, as you can imagine.