Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The Sydney Ceremony

After attending Aaron and Marcele's wedding in Rio de Janeiro I returned home to New Zealand.

They were to have a second wedding ceremony in Sydney but I was not able to attend.

Fortunately sister Linda was able to be there for me.

My youngest son, Ricky, was best man on the day and I am told he did a wonderful job of speech making.

Brother James, participated by walking the bride down the aisle.

So, with that and brother David (with his lovely wife, Lisa) being able to be best man in Rio, all of the brothers got to participate in Aaron and Marcele's wedding.

This one, at the reception, was worth including.
Aaron and Marcele with brothers, Rick and James and James' partner, Amba.


Cherie said...

Congratulations Peggy. So Wonderful, what a handsome group, you must surely be very proud of your boys and their girls too ;)

crazyquilter said...

Thanks, Cherie. Yes, it has been a wonderful time in our family and I am enjoying my daughters-in-law. How fortunate I am.

RazzleDazzleQuilter said...

Lovely to see and revisit the moment! I am so proud of my nephews and the ladies in their lives