Friday, June 03, 2011

When in Rio

When in Rio, part of my daily routine (well, almost daily) was to use my iPad to catch up on e-mails and communicate with friends and family back home.

For the most part the internet connection was good and I enjoyed the facilities that the iPad provided for me.

I was able to upload photos, edit them and post to my blog, keep e-mails up to date and do any web browsing that I needed to.

David and Lisa gave me a Kindle e-reader as a Mothers Day present and I was able put that to good use as well.

I was determined not to be overloaded luggage wise for my trip to Dallas/Rio and so frugal was I, I forgot to take some sleepwear but that was easily remedied by a trip to the shops in Dallas.

I consider the iPad a must for travel (if you have one, of course) just as much as I do my pair of Croc shoes. Love them or hate them, they proved invaluable to me. Comfortable for travel and walking, even when my ankles and feet were puffy.

The other thing that is a must for me for air travel is not to be overloaded so that I have to put items in overhead compartments. I find I am too short to manage putting items in these compartments and so if I can't fit my items into a bag small enough to go under the seat in front of me then a cull is required.

Likewise, I would rather send a parcel of possessions home by post, than have an overloaded suitcase to contend with for the journey home.

I have just made my fifth long haul flight since starting blog writing and it has taken me all this time to get to a place where I think I have this international travel sorted, well, for me anyway.

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