Saturday, July 30, 2011

Finally Coming Home

I have written about CiCi before.

She was a stray cat hanging around our place when we moved here over 18 months ago.

As far as we know she had been living the life of a stray for a number of years.

If the slightest thing disturbs her she takes flight but she was not beyond coaxing to come and have a feed and from there we managed to persuade her to sleep indoors.

First in our garage and then, gradually she has accustomed herself to the other rooms of the house.

She often sleeps at my feet at night but it has been very hard to persuade her to take a nap on my lap. Linda has been very good with her and has quite a measure of success but the suggestion of even sitting on my lap was not a good idea.

The other day she popped into our sun room and I managed to pick her up, sit down on my chair and put her on my lap. She sat there for a while, then curled herself up and went to sleep.

Yesterday, even better, she came into the room when I was sitting there and she hopped up on to my lap and curled up again - unbelievable!

Today I looked across to my chair in the sun room and there she was asleep on my chair. I think she has finally come home.


Ruby said...

You've been very patient. She is a lucky kitty. :)

Cherie said...

Awwww Beautiful story ... our much loved first tortie was named Cee ... great choice <^..^>

crazyquilter said...

CiCi really is a lovely cat. She disappeared the other day and it made me feel sad to think we might not see her again. I opened the hall cupboard and she popped out very quickly. Not sure how long she had been there but it was nice to have her back.

It is cold and frosty here today so it is nice to think she no longer has to spend her life outdoors when the weather is like this.