Sunday, July 03, 2011

The Occasional Piece of Crazy Quilting

My adventures in crazy quilting are less and less these days as my wrists do not seem to appreciate all that is involved in taking me through the process.

Still I can enjoy the achievements of others and occasionally what I do myself.

This rectangular block was machine pieced from quilting cottons and backed with quilters muslin.

I used fusible webbing to attach the silk print and then did some 'free form' stitching to create a floral surrounding for the image.

Even managed to place some petite gold beads at the centre of the yellow lazy daisy flowers.

Crazy quilting is indeed a lovely craft and the possibilities are unlimited.


Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Love this block. The stitching on the right hand side reminds me of sea horses.

Lisa White said...

I agree with Linda, reminds me of seahorses. And the flowers behind her head - it's all so pretty - so detailed. And it is such a contrast to the seemingly patched together pieces of fabric - as if they are just scraps. Beautiful.

crazyquilter said...

Thank you both for your lovely comments - it is very encouraging.

Kiwi Crafter said...

Your work is still fantastic Peggy, just exquisite!