Sunday, August 07, 2011

Another Recent Read
There were seven siblings in our family and our Mother instilled in us a love of reading. A great way to keep children occupied in a busy household.

As an adult I don't read as much as I did in my younger years but recently I have had the opportunity to finish a couple of books and thought them worthwhile enough to mention here.

I first read about this book on another blog, Cozy Little House, and something struck a chord with me to want to have a look for myself.

My son, David, gave me a Kindle e-reader for Mothers Day this year and it was an opportunity to make use of this great device.

Wishing for Snow explores the emotions of caring about and dealing with a mentally disturbed parent. Not a light hearted read and if you like to read in chronological order then this book would not be for you. Minrose explores the events of her Mother's life in a zig zag fashion and this was probably how life felt for her at times.

However, I felt I wanted to explore this subject, and probably the thoughts that stayed with me was the mixed emotions the author had about committing her Mother to psychiatric wards and bearing the wrath of her Mother's indignation at the indecency even though it was very necessary at the time.

I admire Minrose for being prepared to put on paper what for many would be a closed subject, a sobering but worthwhile read.

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