Saturday, August 13, 2011

Aunt Grace - another milestone

Last year I wrote about our Aunt Grace celebrating her 101st birthday.

She is still with us and so yesterday we (Mum, sisters Linda, Wendy and me) traveled to Te Awamutu to wish her well for her 102nd birthday.

The banner to the left was attached to the front fence to let all the world know of this auspicious event.

This banner was originally made for Aunt Grace's 100th birthday and each year her daughter goes home after the birthday and changes the last letter in anticipation of another celebration.

We always enjoy the fact that our Mum and her sister, Grace, can have the opportunity to share tit bits from their lives at these get togethers and yesterday was no exception.

Around the house we found a number of flowers that had been delivered to the house for the occasion.

The image to the left is part of a floral arrangement sent to Aunt Grace by her daughter, Marjorie and husband, Paddy.

Linda also wrote about Aunty Grace's birthday on her blog.


Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

Sure was a special day

Lisa White said...

Those are beautiful flowers. It looks like a day to be remembered! As I said on Auntie Linda's blog, I hope that we are able to enjoy you and Auntie Linda for 40+ years to come!

FredaB said...

Peggy they are two very lovely ladies. Makes me miss my Mum but she lived to 91 and had a good life.