Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Gift of Flowers

On Saturday we had friends around for a pre-Christmas lunch.

One of them, Moira, brought us the most beautiful bouquet of roses from her garden.

They seem like the old worlde varieties and have given us much pleasure as we have watched them open up over the last few days.


FredaB said...

Hi Peg

You are making great use of your camera. The roses are beautiful - my favorite flower and that second pic is just breathtaking. wish I could grow them but too much shade where I garden in chicago and we are not in Florida except in the winter and wouldn't be able to take care of them in the hot summer. I do have some knockout type roses and I just cut them down when I come to Florida - feed them and they grow but nothing like yours.



crazyquilter said...

Thank you, Freda, I really am enjoying the use of my new camera. It has been well worth the upgrade.

Where we live roses can be subject to disease but there was no sign of disease on Moira's roses.

She says she only ever gives them magnesium (epsom salts), nothing else, and she gets wonderful results.

I think she must have the green thumb to get wonderful results like this!