Monday, March 12, 2012

One Thing Leads to Another

On March 1st I wrote about my early days in crazy quilting and then on March 9th I told about my inspirational visitors from Tokoroa.

When the Tokoroa ladies were here I shared with them about making needle books as a round robin and they have taken me up on the idea so today I made my block for our round robin ready for posting tomorrow.

Next time I see it I expect it to have all sorts of wonderful embellishments I would never have dreamed of doing myself.

It also occurred to me that although I only have 30 followers that maybe, just maybe, 5 of you would like to join me in a similar round robin. I think if 5 of you were interested the project could have quite an international flavour and because it is a relatively small project postage should not be too high.

If this idea appeals to you then you can e-mail me and if I get enough interest I can be in touch by e-mail and we can, hopefully, get another round robin under way.

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Phillipa said...

Hi Peggy. I was awarded the
Liebster Blog Award , and now I offer it on to you, as one my favourite inspirational artists
That I follow. Check my post out at

Regards Phillipa