Sunday, April 08, 2012

Needle book progress

When I put out a request via this blog for people to participate in a round robin it did not look like it was going to happen and then one by one the names came in and suddenly, there is was, a group of six of us committed to join in.

Two weeks have been given for the actual block to be created and mailed for the recipient to receive on the 13th April.

My block has to go to Australia so it has occurred to me I had better get mine in the post as soon as the Easter break is over and so here it is in pinks and greens and I imagine it being embellished by the others in similar colours.

Let the round robin begin!


Faye said...

Peggy, what a great idea to start an RR. It's lovely to see that friends, are able do this, by reading your Blog. I must have missed it, not that I have time anyway at the moment. Maybe next time... Looking forward to seeing the progress.

Cherie said...

Yikes no post office open till Tuesday April 10, my block might be dragging the chain ;~)

crazyquilter said...

Yes, Cherie, I realised that as well and am hoping the postman will make up for my tardiness.