Saturday, May 12, 2012

Have car - tree will come down

We needed to find space in our garden for two new fruit trees so one tree had to go to make way.

Our brothers were visiting and so they spent quite a bit of the morning chopping away at the roots of the tree.

When they were satisfied they had cut away sufficient roots they attached a rope to the tree and the tow bar on my brother's car.

It took more than one turn but eventually the tree succumbed...........

and they had success!

They look well pleased with their efforts and rightly so.

However, the show must go on and so there is more chopping and hacking before the tree is completely gone.

We look forward to seeing our new fruit trees in place.

1 comment:

Tree Service Charlotte said...

Thats how a real man takes down a tree! I don't know why I found this so amusing, seeing the little slide show of "Tree, meet car. Car; tree." And then BAM just dropped. Job well done I'd say, not even too messy.

-Tony Salmeron