Saturday, October 05, 2013

Finally, finally

It was August 29 when I first started talking about this project.

There were times when I wondered whether I would make it to finishing point.

It took 111 nine patch blocks, so with the border pieces it took over 1,000 pieces to complete.

A lot of pinning and piecing was required to finish and I definitely have to do something quite different for my next project.

That said, I am actually very happy with the outcome of the quilt.  I like the way the nine patches are captured within a wide floral border.

I placed the signature blocks towards the centre of the quilt.

I had my doubts about how they might look but they seem to blend in with the whole scheme of things and so I am glad I found a use for them.

Linda had given me some floral fabric when she was having a clean out a while back and I think it is ideal for border.

The pattern for this is free from Fons and Porter and is called Nine Patch Rings.


Vicki said...

VERY well done! So cheerful and colorful.

jan said...

Wow - I love it. The border really frames it! xo jan

Jenny said...

Good on you! What a great job.
Is that the end of all those nine patches?

Shay said...

What a mammoth project but it looks lovely. And less than 6 weeks isn't long for a project of this sort...I have things I've been working on for YEARS...

Yep-definitely time for something other than nine patches!