Thursday, October 24, 2013

Grandmothers bonnets and quails

These grandmothers bonnet plants are faithful friends in our garden each spring.

They are especially prolific at the moment and are very good at self seeding and producing new plants for us.

A couple of summers ago I found this grandmothers bonnet at a nursery and thought it would be a welcome addition to our garden.

I also thought it might be as prolific as its less colourful cousins and give us lots of plants too.

I guess I must have missed the small print. Somewhere it probably said it was a hybrid.

We still have the one plant and it still brings beautiful flowers each year but it looks like I will have to be happy just to have the one plant.

Californian quails frequent our gardens but we had not seen them for a while.

Suddenly today they were back.

So sweet to watch.  The stay in pairs and are very protective when they bring their new born chicks to visit.

We look forward to seeing more of them this year.


Nancy said...

How interesting. . .we call this plant "columbine."

Vicki said...

Oh Peggy, what beautiful photos!