Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Not just your average meal at Riverview on Robinson

Everyday, regardless of what is on the menu, we like to eat our main meal at the dining table with views overlooking the Waikato River and the mountains beyond.

Table cloth and napkins are always a part of the scene and more often than not a glass of wine as well.

Today we had an extra special item on the menu at Riverview on Robinson.

Linda had been given rainbow trout as a pick me up gift for husband Glynn.

Linda has done some great step by step photos of how she cooked the trout.  You can see them on her blog.

The result was wonderful, enjoyed by all three of us.  Even better, we were given not one, but two of them, so we are saving the other for a future treat when we have visitors.


Unknown said...

Antony is a very keen fisherman, catches us trout here in Tassie. Often he smokes it, and we have it cold with cheese.

Nancy said...

Ooooh, I love trout.

Jenny said...

Yumm, guess only fisherfolk and their friends get to eat trout.