Friday, April 11, 2014

Curved piecing happening again

Last year I spent quite a lot of time completing this Urban Nine Patch quilt top.

I enjoyed the process of learning about curved piecing and always felt I would like to try the method again.

Linda has also made a quilt following the same curved piecing method.

You can see her completed Touch of Lime here.

Linda also had it in mind that she would like to make another quilt along these lines and had bought some yummy soft blue and cream fabrics to do so.

To move things along I offered to piece the blocks and so curved piecing is happening again.

The piecing is nowhere as labour intensive as the Urban Nine Patch and so the blocks have been made, trimming is underway and the design board process will be happening.

The soft, dreamy colours have been so nice to work with and already having learnt the technique it has been an enjoyable process.

A sampling of what the completed blocks will look like.


Nancy said...

Lovely! The soft blues are beautiful in that pattern.

I never did get the hang of curved piecing. Any tips you can share?

margaret said...

you certainly have the curved seam skills, a lovely quilt