Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Happy Quilt excitement

Our Happy Quilt arrived at its destination today and has been well received.

David Kemey, Public Relations Officer at Middlemore Hospital wrote to our group thanking us for the gift and has also posted about the quilt on their FaceBook page.

If you like to scroll down on their FaceBook page you can see more about Sakurako, including a photo of the little girl who will own this quilt.


Marlene said...

A gorgeous quilt and how fantastic to have it acknowledged by the foundation. Hope it will bringher alotofcomfort.

margaret said...

so glad you were able to do this quilt for the poor little girl, I wonder what progress she is making, do keep us in touch such a tragedy

Shay said...

Im sure this quilt is being loved and appreciated by that wonderful young lady.

Congratulations on the efforts of the Sweet Peas in bringing her some comfort during this terrible time.