Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Travel Worn and Weary

It has been more than a month since we returned from our travels.

Plenty of time to rest up and get back into some sort of home life routine.

Happy memories and a very travel worn itinerary to remind us of them.

Because we were being so frugal about carrying any excess weight I did not even take a notebook with me.

I did take this three page itinerary that I had compiled so that we could keep a check on where we next needed to be.  As it turned out it also became very useful for taking notes on the reverse of destinations and shopping lists, so our itinerary became a little travel worn and weary but a happy reminder or days gone by.


Tired Teacher said...

Pre-planning is key to a successful trip. Clearly you and Linda "did your homework," and it payed off.

Jenny said...

No notebook? I'm one of those people who always have a notebook, plus camera with me. Very necessary for us bloggers, I have found.