Sunday, October 11, 2015

Was it worth it? Yes it was

Yes, in spite of some being dubious about being able travel around the world for 81 days with cabin baggage only we did it and it was so worthwhile. 

Great way to inhibit spending. 
So much easier to manage. I have decided I am never using a suitcase any bigger than this again. 

Another thing that helped us along the way was the ScotteVest,

Lightweight, shower proof with lots of storage pockets, these vests were great for storing travel documents, passports, cash, eftpos cards, smart phones, keys, and even a pocket big enough for an iPad.  Most days I could get away without having to take a handbag which I considered a bonus.

Not planning on going anywhere in the near future but these items will be essentials should travel plans arise. 


margaret said...

you certainly did well with such a small case for such a long trip, a good way of not being able to buy too much, mind you when I was out in Australia I had a massive case and even had to send a large parcel home by post

Tired Teacher said...

Do you mind sharing what kind of clothing you packed in such a small bag? I'm thinking of only taking a small bag next year.

Love the idea of the vest.

Romes said...

Good one.

Mystic Quilter said...

Goodness this sounds to be a great vest for anyone travelling, the fact that it takes an iPad is a huge bonus.