Friday, September 30, 2016

Simba's Turn

Hershey, Linda's chocolate cat, provides us with lots of photo opportunities but this time it was Simba's turn to cat scan my latest quilt.

At the moment it is hanging at our local quilt show:-

I am so pleased with the outcome.

The quilt design is from a pattern by Jenny Petigo called Urban Nine Patch.  With the colours I have used, this one is known as Tutti Fruiti.

Linda took great care to choose appropriate threads for the different coloured fabrics in the quilt and with her modern quilting style this quilt really has pizzazz.


margaret said...

this certainly has the wow factor, does it use the uneven nine patch ruer I do have one needless to say never used it. I am sure it has had lots of attention at the quilt show a real beauty Simba is certainly very much at home sitting on it

Tired Teacher said...

The colors and fabrics are fabulous for this pattern. Well done!

This quilt will capture a LOT of attention at the show.

Vireya said...

Lovely quilt! Very eye-catching.