Thursday, March 23, 2017

The herd is complete

Having completed my skulk of foxes for my Fancy Forest quilt, it was time to complete on my herd of rabbits.

I had to make 16 of the fox blocks but the rabbit challenge was easier as I only had to complete 8.

Oh no!  There's only 7 in this image.  One of my rabbits has run away.

It turned out to be the grey rabbit with the white ears.  He had decided to stay behind at the sewing machine but he has now returned to the herd.

I don't usually give names to blocks but this rabbit was made from a fabric with an overall floral design and so I have called her Rosie Rabbit - she may well be the herd leader.

Rabbits completed, I am taking a break from this project until next month when I will be doing the owl blocks - probably the most complex of all the blocks so I will be glad when I have completed.


margaret said...

what a fun quilt you are going to have when completed

Tired Teacher said...

The fabric choices definitely give the individual rabbits personality. Yes, I think Rosie is the leader of the herd.

Jenny said...

Do hope you will have your foxes and rabbits safely separated - or the bunnies might get eaten, one by one. Then you will have to start all over again.
The animals are looking great!