Friday, March 10, 2017

Op Shop Fabric

You never know when some fabric might come in handy.

I bought some yardage of this pink cat fabric from an op shop more than 12 months ago at the right price.

There was no purpose in mind when it was purchased but I felt sure there would be a use for it one day.

Recently Linda had the opportunity to make a couple of community quilts.

The pink fabric has found a home at last.

I framed the panel for her with orange fabric and when she finished the machine quilting I finished it with magic binding.

The cat fabric is brushed cotton.  Along with the batting it has become a soft cuddly quilt.

Some of the pink fabric remained and Linda thought it would be a nice idea to make it into a dolly blanket - so that is what I did.

Not a bad use for some fabric that had been sitting in our stash for a while.

Linda still had some time to make a second community quilt and so I used the rest of the orange fabric to border the panel.

We had some grey polar fleece for the backing.
Cotton batting was used and again we have another snuggly quilt for a young person.

When using the orange fabric I had to resort to adding some 4 patches to make it all fit.

In turn this meant that the magic binding I like to use would not be suitable as it is wider and extends more into the border, therefore losing the effect of the 4 patch.

Back to regular binding which was nice to do for a change and it worked well in this instance.

P.S.  I have not shown the quilts in their entirety.  Linda made them and I am leaving it for her to blog about them if she wishes.

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Tired Teacher said...

Fantastic - the fabric was meant to be used in this manner. A doll blanket, too: that's extra sweet.

You and Linda make an amazing team. Well done!