Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A trip to Dallas would not be complete without an update on our border collie, Ivey.

True to his nature, the excitement of our arrival caused young Ivey to make a little puddle on the floor.

He was so pleased to see us and there was no doubting that he remembered who we were.

The Texas summer has been so hot and so Ivey has had the shortest hair cut ever to help him to cope.

As lovable as ever, he seems to have come to terms with his lot in life here and he and Monet (the other family dog) are good companions.

Linda made a lovely meat pie last night for our dinner and Monet and Ivey just about had a fight over who might be recipient of the left overs, if there were going to be any!

David and I took the two of them for a walk in the neighbourhood last night after dark. They both still put great ghusto into their walking efforts as they both like to strain to take the lead. Ivey still manages to be the leader for the best part of journey.

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