Wednesday, September 06, 2006

We have arrived in Dallas and David was there at the airport to meet us with Jackson in tow.

Our journeying went well, in spite of conflicting and misinformation about what we were and weren't allowed to take on board our flights as carry on luggage.

We were both impressed with the refurbished Air New Zealand planes and enjoyed some of the best airline food in many a year.

Our brief sojourn in Los Angeles went well - going through customs was relatively easy and we had time to spare while we waited for our connecting flight to Dallas.

Linda commented that she felt that spending time at LA Airport showed just how much we have become a global village with so many similarities in the way people dressed. She did begin to wonder why there were so many coloured people around and then she reminded herself that she actually was in the United States of America and perhaps this may be the norm here.

Whilst I am enjoying revisiting memories of last December, it is lovely to see Linda's reaction as she makes observations on the American way of life for the first time.

Already we have had the opportunity to visit a couple of SUPERSIZE stores - Hobby Lobby and Walmart - and had a lovely lunch out at a local Thai restaurant.

Tonight Linda is introducing Lisa to the delights of a meat pie, down under style. We hope it will become another favourite, like the meat loaf from last visit.

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