Monday, July 12, 2010

Another day in Dallas

Yesterday began with a visit to Farmers Market to buy some lovely fresh household supplies including yummy smoked chicken which we were later to have as part of our dinner.

Following on from that we went to Frisco where we met up with friends, Kathy and Kevin at David & Busters (D&B's) for lunch. The restaurant is set up with family entertainment in mind. Eat here, spend $10 on your meal and we will give you a $10 card entitling you to go to their arcade filled to the brim with games intend to entice and amuse.

Our meals were brought to us on this massive circular platter which was set on a portable table so that service could be provided to all participants at the same time.

Part of the decor of the restaurant was stained glass work and although the lighting is not too good for this image, it did have a nice effect.

So, once the meal was done it was time to be going to the arcade to do battle. David and Jackson are heading for the time of their lives in this motor bike game.

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