Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

and we have lots of pictures to share:-

David's birthday when friends came over on the Saturday to share the evening with us:-

You can find the images here.

One of the gifts that David received was a father/son project which meant that Jackson ended up painting some model cars.

You can find the images here.

Last night we went to The Magic Time Tunnel for dinner. A family entertainment style restaurant where the waiters dressed up as characters from well known movies/children stories. Our waiter was dressed up as Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean - other well known characters were Alice in Wonderland, Tinkerbell and Little Red Riding Hood.

Jackson ordered the children's drink in green but when it came he was not impressed. Kathy, however, thought the drink to be quite nice with lots of fruit juice.

David took my photo in the foyer looking at the would be bookcase. Each of the books were sawn off at about 3 inches depth but carefully place to look like the real thing. I wonder who had the job of deciding which books to wreck and fix in place.

There was an artist in the foyer doing caricatures for a fee of $5. Brennan thought it worth spending $5 of his allowance so that he could take home a momento of the evening.

You can find the images here.

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