Friday, July 09, 2010

A Water Baby in the family

I have never been fond of being in the water but that is not to say others don't like it. David and Lisa have a lovely pool in their yard with a separate part that can be used as a spa pool if desired.

On one the particularly hot days recently, David, Jackson and Brennan spent a couple of hours in the pool:-

Jackson was ready for action well ahead of the others.

Once Brennan and David arrived it was all go. Jackson was at the side of the pool and jumped in quite fearlessly. Seconds late he came up for air and realized he had forgotten to put his water wings on. He scrambled out of the pool, sought my assistance to put them on and then he was away. Jumping in, playing for a while and then back to more jumping.

David had just bought a floating basketball hoop and so David, Jackson and Brennan had a great time trying the concept out.

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