Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cup cakes and polka dots

Recently I was sorting through my scrap stash and thought these fabrics went well together.

It thought they would make a nice quilt and I could call it Cup Cakes and Polka Dots.

Only problem there was not enough fabric to make a quilt so what's a girl to do?

Go shopping, of course!

In this case, on line to The Fat Quarter Shop.

In no time at all the postman popped a package in my letter box and now I have lots of fabric to go with my small scrap stash.

The packaging from The Fat Quarter Shop was so nice I did not even take the fabric out for a week or more - I just enjoyed looking at it.

A bit of a dilemma when you are trying to reduct your scrap stash and you end up buying  more fabric in the process - nice fun, though!

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Faye said...

De-stashing is always so much fun!!! He,he,he...