Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Ugly Duckling Challenge

Our quilting group put out a challenge for those who were interested:-

From your fabric stash choose an ugly fat quarter, put it in a brown paper bag and hand it in on quilting night.

The co-ordinator numbers the bags and then hands them out to someone else in the swap.

You take the bag home and make something 'beautiful' out of the ugly fabric.

You have to use at least 50% of the ugly fabric in your project.

I dislike plaids, so guess what I got - a piece of plaid fabric featured in the centre of the image above.

I had several ideas in mind but finally settled on making an apron inspired by the vintage pattern pictured here.

From my stash I found a piece of rust red fabric and with a bit more searching found some broderie anglaise.

It has been a while since I embarked on a project like this but I did enjoy the process.

I added a pocket so that I could use more of the ugly fabric.  I did have some left but have definitely used more than 50%.

At the end of the day - an apron.

I hope the recipient will consider her ugly duckling to have been transformed into swan.

As a footnote - I really, really did not like the piece of fabric I handed in so I wonder if I will consider it had been appropriately transformed when it come homes to me.


Nancy said...

You have created a Swan out of the Ugly Duckling! I love the apron and the lace makes it so lovely. Nice job!

Denise :) said...

What's funny to me is that I really *like* that sweet little piece of fabric! You did a great job with the apron -- I love aprons and this one is a class act! Oh -- ps -- I'm Denise, by the way, nice to meet you!! I stumbled over here hopping from one blog to the next!! And you newest follower, to boot! :)

crazyquilter said...

Thank you, Nancy, thought you might like this one.

Thanks for finding me, Denise. It did cross my mind that what I considered to be ugly might appeal to others.

The person who handed it in must have considered it to be 'ugly' otherwise I am sure I would not have ended up with it.

Glad you like the apron.

Shaz said...

I would have to agree with you that it definitely is an ugly piece of fabric you received. Plaid isn't a favourite of mine either. You have certainly transferred it though. Great work.