Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jigsaw Puzzles

Something else our mother taught us to appreciate when growing up was jigsaw puzzles. Great way to while away a few hours on a wet weekend or during the school holidays.

On Saturday, when we had our family get together, Barbara had a jigsaw (a boy and a horse) in progress and various members took turns at progressing with it.

By that evening we received a text message to say the puzzle was complete.

When I arrived at Barbara's on Monday there was another one underway of a fruit and vegetable shop so we persevered with that and finished it last night.

They were both 1,000 piece jigsaws and today we have begun another of an English cottage


Nancy said...

One of my favorite winter activities is working on jigsaw puzzles. I did two 1,000 piece and three 500 piece puzzles between Christmas and New Year's Eve - such fun.

Mom always had a puzzle on a table in the living room at the farm.

Faye said...

Oh Peggy, I love Jig-saw puzzles. Haven't done one for so long, but have been itchin' to get one, a big 1000 piece to do... Thanks for sharing.