Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Our hedge

The hedge on the south side of our property is the only barrier between us and the sheer drop on the other side.

Although not pictured here the hedge has a number of gaps and we have been wanting that to change.

Earlier in the year, our brother, Alan, raided the other side of the hedge and took some young plants and laid them out to start filling the gaps.

He said they would be established by the end of the year and true to his word this is so.

This section is looking very pretty with its lovely yellow flowers but this is probably the only time it will ever get to flower like this.

It has nearly reached the height of the rest of the hedge and so will start to need to be trimmed along with the rest next time around.

This week Alan has been busy filling in the rest of the gaps of the hedge and so we hope that by the time we see another New Year in the hedge will be all one.

Happy New Year everyone!


Nancy said...

Alan must have a Green Thumb - first the grass and now the hedge. I think he is a "keeper"!

Marissa said...

Love your hedge!! It is so perfect looks like you have a huge yard! I love to see peoples yard gives me ideas.. Have yourself a Happy new year..