Monday, May 20, 2013

In addition to texture

When we make our quilts we usually like to put labels on them.

My chevron quilts are going to Afghanistan refugees and so I thought I would like to add something a bit extra.

Our grandmother, Susan Dassler, wrote short stories and poetry in her time and often had works published in magazines.  She was good enough to acquire a small supplementary income through her talents.

One of the poems she wrote was called 'Kiwi' and this came to mind when thinking about the label and so I decided to include it in the labels on the back of the quilts.

For your interest, this is what Kiwis are all about:-
Why are we labelled Kiwis?
Where can we place the blame?
What charms has this unlovely bird,
That we should take his name?
He cannot fly with ne’er a wing,
He has no voice – he cannot sing
No song of joy, no liquid note
Has ever issued from his throat.
He’s down-to-earth, and drab and shy
And he ne’er looks up towards the sky
He has no tail to flirt and spread,
To lure a mate into his bed.
He shuns the day, and while it’s light,
He sulks and lurks beneath the scrub,
But digs and delves throughout the night,
And he thinks of nothing but his grub!
He’s really neither smart or nimble-
Why do we make him our symbol?
Upon one point you’ll all agree-
He is UNIQUE and so are we!
by Susan Dassler


Ivy, Phyllis and Me! said...

Good Morning to you, What a fabulous poem.... one worthy of publication.
How lovely that your quilt is going to Afghanistan as I know there is so much need for warm quilts.
The sewing group I belong to make quilts for children in need, some we make for babies in incubators and others we make for older children. We have received some lovely letters in return, but for us it is more about the fact that they are received and loved.
Best Wishes

Mystic Quilter said...

Fantastic Peggy!

jan said...

Your grandmother did indeed have a talent for poetry! I love that you included it on your quilt. How did you print the label? It looks great.