Sunday, May 26, 2013

Stash busting?

I am really determined that I should be stash busting this year (and probably every year for the rest of my life) so how can I justify the purchase of more fabric?

I had been staying with sister, Barbara, in Tauranga for a couple of days and while I was with here I heard that a local fabric store, Arthur Toye was closing down and everything was reduced by 50%.

I just had to go and have a peek to see if there was anything that I really, really needed.

Quilting fabrics were reduced down to NZ$7.50 per metre (approximately US$6.00) and so, somehow, just over 5 metres ended up coming home with me.

Nothing spectacular about any of the fabrics but it is to be hoped that they will add to my existing palette of colours to help me in the seemingly never ending goal that I have.

There is over 2 metres of the pink fabric at the bottom and, if nothing else, could be well used as a backing for a quilt.  The one on top is a soft aqua with a large overall floral design and I would like to use it for in between rows fabric for a scrappy chevron quilt.

Stash busting will continue.


jan said...

A wise person once said that " One can never have too much fabric". At least that's what I tell my hubby when I come home with yet another bag of just had to have fabric!:)

Shay said...

I think at those prices you actually saved money by buying that fabric. Well done.

I probably would have come home with much much more !