Wednesday, January 01, 2014

A little bit of lovin' goes a long way

I had been contemplating what to do on my blog to summarise what 2013 has meant to me.

Creating a collage of photos highlighting events was my first thought but when I started to look through my images I suddenly felt quite overwhelmed by all that had actually taken place.

Regular followers of my blog would know that 2013 has been very much a year of quilting, quilting and more quilting.

Our Sweet Pea group of ladies that meet at our home have been such an important component as well and we have very much appreciated their friendship and kindness toward us.

Family is always important and top priority and our year concluded on a high with family members coming home to share Christmas with us.

While they were here Jackson was busy one day writing postcards to friends and family back home in the United States.  He also decided to 'send' a postcard to his Great Aunty Linda and Nana.  This is what he wrote on our our personally delivered postcards, 'I love you and you love me but I love you more, from Jackson.

A little bit of lovin' goes a long way, Jackson, thank you for bringing yours to us in 2013.


Nancy said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog in 2013 and seeing all your beautiful projects and photos.

Happy New Year to you and all those gathered in your home.

Jenny said...

Hi Peggy

You certainly had a lot to show us on your blog this year, sewing wise. And as you say, family is just so important too.
I was so pleased to meet both you and Linda during the year, many thanks for your kindness inviting Robin and me to your home.


Shay said...

Your quilting prowess last year was certainly impressive. I often felt rather slack seeing what you were getting through.

I did enjoy though seeing what you created - especially the scrappy quilts.Those were my favourites.