Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sweet Peas, again

So good to be in the company of our Sweet Pea ladies once again.

We did a bit of homework today and made some decisions about what projects we might work on together this year so it will be fun to work towards making them happen.

It is always very stimulating when our group share their show and tell.

This hen block is Moira's own creation.  An excellent finish to an original idea.

Trish has been busy during the break creating cushion covers in her favourite colours.

Andreena loves all things Christmas and this block is a work in progress.

A McKenna Ryan creation, the many pieces of fabric that need to be cut out to complete the project will keep Andreena busy for some time.

The village looks really lovely.  We look forward to seeing the sled full of gifts, Santa and the reindeer up front.

Debbie has made this delightful quilt for her grandson.

She used a pre-loved blanket for the batting and so this should be warm and cosy for him.

What more could a young man want than a transport theme quilt to snuggle under.

Lovely to have Maxie with us today.

She was not able to attend many meetings last year so we hope this year will give her more opportunities to be with us.

Today she brought a soft doll that had been made for her by a friend.

No doubt there will be lots more show and tell to share as the year progresses.


Nancy said...

Show and Tell is my favorite part of my Fiber Guild meetings, too.

Shay said...

Those hens are seriously cute.

Love Deb's grandsons quilt too - perfect for a little boy.