Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Love those button jars

We have a rather large assortment of buttons at our place.

The extra large cookie jar was an op shop find and it has proved to be an ideal container for our collection which has accumulated over a number of years.

For the most part the jar sits on a shelf in our quilting studio but every now and then we find someone has a need for buttons and so out it comes.

Always a lot of fun to go through and share, lots of memories stored in these buttons.

Two of our Sweet Pea ladies, Andreena and Debbie, have been making Christmas ornaments and need buttons as a centrepiece.

The buttons were spread on a tray and they were able to sort through and take the ones they fancied.

We have given a lot of buttons away but sometimes we sell a few. Linda has some listed on Trade Me at the moment.

Although our numbers were few it was still an enjoyable morning for our group.  You can see some images of the show and tell from today on Linda's blog.


Romes said...

it's a good little button jar!

margaret said...

I have my grannies buttons as well as Mums and you can guarantee when I need a button I never can find one in the tin but have to buy more! My girls loved playing with them when little, they are now 42 & 38

Shay said...

I just commented on the vastness (is that even a word? ) of your button collection over at Linda's blog. I love sorting through and looking at old buttons.

By the way your new quilt top is absolutely beautiful!

Vicki said...

I do love my button jar! I have buttons that are VERY old in mine. I do use them though.

Nancy said...

How I loved playing with my mother's buttons when I was young. My collection now nearly fills a large jar: it may be time to find a larger jar.