Monday, August 18, 2014

Spring is just around the corner

Late in autumn I planted daffodil bulbs below pansy plants in tubs on our patio.

The pansies did not really do that well during the winter but the daffodils are beginning to show their beautiful colour.

The mountains, with all their snow, would like to tell us that winter had not yet left us but the daffodils seem to be saying that spring is just around the corner.


margaret said...

oh no that means autumn is around the corner for us here in the UK. Must not grumble we have had a good sumer

Nancy said...

I love the changing of the seasons. I can feel the gradual shift into Fall here - it's a smell on the evening air that creeps down the mountain weeks before the weather changes and is subtle. I just hope the Fall will be glorious and long this year.

Shay said...

I cant wait to see the first signs of Spring here . So fed up with the cold!

Your daff is lovely Peggy!