Thursday, October 02, 2014

A delightful visit

Have you ever thought it might be fun to try your hand at dyeing lace, or ribbon or motifs?

Yesterday we had a delightful visit from a group of ladies we know who live in Tokoroa.

They meet at home and share all sorts of craft activities together but more especially patchwork and quilting.

They have been to visit before to share our common interest in crazy quilting.

Part of our shared interest is dyeing bits and pieces and so I asked them if they would be interested in participating in this with me when they came to visit.
Some of them had already done this sort of thing but we did have one lady who hadn't so this was of real interest to her.

These Ozecraft dyes are fun and easy to use.

If you have reason to be in Taupo and would like a demonstration you would be most welcome - individuals or groups up to six people.

We are happy to provide morning or afternoon tea.

You can contact me at for further information.

The ladies had some lovely show and tell.  If you like to head on over to Linda's blog she is sharing some of their quilted show and tell and tomorrow I will share some of the crazy quilting show and tell.


Nancy J said...

Looks like great fun Peggy, hope the Tokoroa ladies all enjoyed their day. Cheers,Jean.

margaret said...

shame I am at opposite ends of the world as there us so much going on in your area, saw the quilts on Linda`s blog such friendship is great to be a part of and the dyeing sounds a good thing to share with friends, have not heard of Ozecraft dyes before.

Nancy said...

I haven't heard of this technique - it looks interesting.

Shay said...

All those dyed bits and pieces look like a rainbow. I'd never thought of dyeing lace before !

Vicki said...

Now that looks like something fun to try.

Maureen said...

Serendipity Peggy! I just finished blogging on KenMaursCorner about using my Ozecraft dyes again after a few years of having them stored.
Maureen who used to live at Moodlu