Sunday, October 05, 2014

Small scrappy projects

I do love playing with fabric scraps so when Linda needed to stock up on her supply of business card holders I was only too pleased to take up the challenge.

It makes a nice change from making larger quilt tops.

I am enjoying the opportunity to mix and match scrappy strips in our fabric stash to make bright and cheery card holders.

If you are interested in creating some of these yourself the following tutorial will give you the guidelines:-

The link says to use interfacing but I have left that step out.

A close up so you can see how the holders look inside and out.

It is nice to take the opportunity to use variegated thread for the top stitching.

If you or your friends have a favourite coffee shop you may like to make some as loyalty card holders with appropriately themed fabric.


Nancy said...

These make wonderful gifts. Thanks for the tutorial link.

Shay said...

Im a big fan of variegated thread. I use it wherever I can on quilts.

Isnt making small projects fun ! Quick, easy and very satisfying to knock out a finish or ten in an afternoon!

Vicki said...

Well, these are certainly fun! Great colors and ideas.

Maureen said...

As I'm making ATCs to swap with friends, these pouches will make great way to mail them to their new homes.
Thanks for the link