Saturday, December 27, 2014

Global Santa

It has always been a bit of a mystery how Santa manages to travel the globe and deliver presents to all the children of the world within the space of 24 hours.

This year my son, David, captured an image of Santa at their home in Seattle, WA.

Then, when my son, Aaron and his family got up in London on Christmas morning they found Santa had left goodies at their place as well.

Santa was even clever enough to deliver my two younger sons, James and Rick to me here in New Zealand.

What an amazing Santa we have and how nice it is to have a part in all this goodness.


Romes said...

Merry Christmas!

Nancy said...

Santa is amazing! Enjoy the time with your family.

Vicki said...

What a blessing to have your sons with you for Christmas!

margaret said...

lovely blog, ufortunately SANTA did not make it to Leeds but think he will be coming this evening as it is Christmas dinner tomorrow when my girls are coming. So looking forward to seeing them