Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Bloom Quilt

Last year our Sweet Pea group embarked on a cheerful scrappy quilt called the Bloom Quilt by Lori Holt.

Lori has made a special set of templates for the floral blocks.

We have enjoyed seeing the results as the quilts are being completed.

 Fiona is talking to Rochelle about her quilt as you go finish.

I didn't manage to capture all of Andreena's quilt but the vibrancy of the colours she chose are very evident.

Debbie has been busy quilting Trish's quilt for her.

As with all of our group projects, I am always fascinated by the different results according to individual colour preferences.


Tired Teacher said...

Beautiful quilts! I haven't done in appliqué, but I can tell see ladies did a great job. Fiona's choice of fabric and colors appeal to me because it's a color scheme I love and would use in my house.

margaret said...

what beauties so admire quilters who do such amazing applique