Friday, February 24, 2017

My Skulk of Foxes

When I referred to groups of foxes having different names on a recent post, cousin, Cheryl, said she liked the name - a skulk of foxes, so skulk it is.

Having said that, yesterday I was able to complete on my 16 foxes for the Fancy Forest quilt, so my skulk is complete.

Now on to the rabbits.  I have already completed 2 and have 6 to go to make up my 'colony' or 'nest' of rabbits.


margaret said...

foxes looking good did not know they were called a skulk no doubt the rabbits are coming along well too.

Tired Teacher said...

The fox blocks are fantastic and adorable, but the rabbits are my favorite.

Jo said...

Great skulk! Linda shared your blog post link, I am working on them too. Fun blocks! Great fabric choices too