Monday, October 29, 2012

Angel in Disguise?

Our brother, Norman, has been visiting from Christchurch.

He asked if there was any jobs we would like him to do for us.

We had some hedge plants that needed weeding and could he do that for us.

Well, yes, he could, but he did not just stop there, he went along the whole length of the hedge carefully pulling out any form of vegetation that was not worthy of existence and everything looks a whole lot better.

It really was a labour of love.  I am sure only an angel could fulfill such an arduous task.

This is not the first time our brothers have appeared as angels in disguise.  In May brother Alan was here with Norman and they pulled out a tree for us.  You can read about it here.

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Nancy said...

I love how family members help each other. An Angel Named Norman would be a good book title. ;o)

I bet Norman would accept a big hug and a piece of his favorite pie or cake as full payment for this labor of love.