Monday, October 01, 2012

Another scrappy quilt

Trying to de stash can be a challenge but while there are scraps to hand we will continue.

I was reading Pleasant Homes blog and she was saying that sometimes she likes to make a scrappy quilt without using a pattern.

She starts with a couple of small rectangular pieces, joins them together and then sews irregular strips in log cabin fashion until the blocks are approximately the size she wants. They are then trimmed to the same size and sewn together - no sashings, no borders.

I thought I would like to try the idea but instead of starting with a couple of rectangular pieces I wanted to use some orphan blocks I had made called Boston Squares.

If you follow the link you will see there is an easy way to make these triangle blocks without actually having to start with triangle shaped pieces.

I had been practicing the principle but had not used the blocks so decided to use them as centre pieces for my scrappy project.

I enjoyed the project and even got to machine quilt it as well.

We have a friend who has taken on sole custody of her grand daughter and think that this would make a nice scrappy I Spy quilt for them to share and enjoy together.

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Cherie said...

Beautiful I Spy idea for your friend Peggy ;)