Monday, October 15, 2012

More about cupcakes and polka dots

On 27th September I wrote about buying fabric for a cupcake and polka dot scrappy quilt inspired by fabric scraps that had been given to me.

Maybe these fabrics should have gone to the bottom of my unfinished projects pile but I kept thinking about them and decided to take the plunge and make them up.

I have been using lots of the polka dot pieces along the way but the original cupcake fabric somehow got lost in the midst of the project so I guess I will have to keep going until that is used as well.

This quilt top is finished but I do believe that there is enough fabric left for another quilt with a similar theme.  Oh the dilemmas of a quilting life.

I took the quilt top outside to photograph but it was too windy to get a good result so I will have to try again tomorrow, that is, if the forecast rain does not come too quickly.

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