Thursday, October 18, 2012

Secret Project

A secret project has been happening at our place.

Today I stitched the last row in place and thought I would take a picture or two (without giving the game away) to put on my blog.

No sooner had I laid the quilt out on my bed than Kaiser was there in want of a fuss.  It is uncanny that the cats in our house always seem to know that there is a new quilt in the house that needs to be christened by them.

In the end I was able to take a picture of just a very small part of the quilt.

I have enjoyed piecing the blocks and rows together and it was a relief when they finally fitted together just like the pattern said they would.

While I was piecing the secret project together I sewed together pre-cut pieces of cupcake and polka dot fabric at the beginning and end of each block and row and at the end I had accumulated quite a number of new blocks for the next project.

I am not quite finished with cupcakes and polka dots, yet!


Nancy said...

Your secret project looks interesting. I hope it will be revealed soon.

crazyquilter said...

Ah, yes, it has to be revealed soon. It is for a birthday so there is a deadline.