Monday, January 07, 2013

Beyond our hedge

 Some readers of this blog have asked what lies beyond the hedge I wrote about the other day

It is difficult to get the perspective of the depth of the slope that leads from the other side of our hedge to the river beyond.

In the foreground there is evidence of some of the ridge being cleared so that our hedge does not look over grown.

Below that we have a belt of trees growing happily down the rest of the slope and down into the valley below.

In the distance is a walkway and the Waikato River.

Looking above and beyond our hedge the mountains, which, as part of our daily lives, continue to add interest as the snow of winter slowly disappears on the left.

In the foreground of the mountains to the right there is what looks like wispy smoke.

This is Mt Tongariro venting and has been doing so since an eruption in August.


Nancy said...

A beautiful scene.

I would be lost without the mountains in my area, so I can only imagine how Mt. Tongariro and the others lift your spirit each day.

Marissa said...

What a breath of fresh air!! I love the mountain picture, so beautiful! I bet it smell lovely each morning!! I can imagine myself drinking coffee every morning and looking at those mountains!! Absolutely breathtaking!