Friday, January 04, 2013

Family gatherings

It has been over a year since all of our siblings met up with each other.

Bob rang from Melbourne and said he was coming for a couple of days, Norman said he would come up from Christchurch while Bob was here and Alan was coming to spend time with us after Christmas so we have all three brothers here at the moment.

When Bob said he was coming I suggested a visit to go and see our sister Barbara as she has had her home renovated and I thought he might like to see the changes.

One sister to go, Wendy, and it just so happens that Wendy can make it with husband, John to join all of us for the day at Barbara's tomorrow.  We are very much looking forward to the gathering.

Barbara's husband, Bryan, is not well and so Linda and I got together and made the quilt photographed to give to him.  We shared the piecing and Linda machine quilted it on to coral fleece, so it is light, soft and cuddly.

This quilt design is becoming a favourite of ours.  We participated in making one for our friend, Rewa, in red, black and white. I made an autumn tone one for my friend, Cherie and Linda and I also made one for our cousin, Helen for her birthday.

Our thanks to Bonnie Hunter for providing this inspirational quilt design.


Nancy said...

It's a lovely quilt and Bryan will appreciate it.

Enjoy your impromptu family gathering. Make LOTS of new memories and revisit some old ones.

Marissa said...

Beautiful quilt!! I love quilts so much! My husband and I have one we fight over its really old and with so many washings it's getting a little holy ..LOL Bryan will love it..

kiselbri said...

Hermoso ! beatiful !
Best regards from Spain and happy new year 2012.

FredaB said...

How nice that you were all able to get together. It is a shame now how our families are all in different destinations. I remember the old days when we would all be together on a Sunday for dinner. Not so anymore.

It was so good of you and Linda to make this quilt for him. I bet he loved it.

Hugs from Florida where it has been rainy and gloomy for 2 days. Not our usual sunny and bright.