Saturday, January 12, 2013

Jigsaw puzzle update

Yesterday we completed another jigsaw puzzle.

We chose a 1000 piece photographic one of an English country cottage. What a challenge that proved to be.

The clear blue sky was the biggest challenge of all but help was to hand. We had a visitor who also just happens to like doing jigsaw puzzles. By the time she left finishing off the skyline was relatively easy.

In no time at all Bryan had taken a photo record of the finished product and set about demolishing it. Three days in construction - half an hour in deconstruction - amazing!


Nancy said...

It amazes me how long some puzzles can take. If I have one that is giving me a lot of trouble, I sit on the other side of the table. Having a different perspective does help.

I am working on a 500 piece puzzle of hot-air balloons. The bottom (grass, water, and shadows) is giving me fits. It's time to walk away for a bit.

Marissa said...

Love it!..I haven't done a puzzle like this in years! just gave me an idea thanks! :)

Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

That is soooo pretty. Shame it had to be packed up so quick.

Perhaps I should bring more when I come over?