Monday, December 31, 2012

Fun with flowers update

On the 25th December I wrote about the fun I was having with the floral applique die cut I bought when in the States recently.

This week I revisited the project and decided to make some changes.

I originally had double layer stems for the flowers but decided they would be too thick against the single layer leaves and flowers.

I want to try my hand at machine sewing the pieces and so decided to make a sample piece to play with.

Most unlike me to do this.  I am usually far too impetuous and want to get on with the project.

I did the leaves and stems first and was quite happy to proceed the same way on the main project.

Next came the flowers and I had thought I would outline them with a blanket stitch.

I have a Janome sewing machine which does a very good blanket stitch but in this case I decided I did not like it for the edges of the flowers so I proceeded without.

It seems that practising first paid off for me.

I have now completed the machine stitching and could call it a day at that but the crazy quilter in me wants to put some beading and embroidery on the project before I call it quits so I am not quite there yet.

Still hope to have this completed before next Christmas.


Razzle Dazzle Quilter said...

How about before next year?

Nancy said...

Great job, Peggy!

I love the gold thread you used. It will be fun to see what embroidery and beading you add to this piece because you are very creative.