Thursday, May 02, 2013

Still fascinated by scrappy chevron

I Spy scrappy chevron quilt
I remain fascinated with the possibilities of the many variations for scrappy chevron quilts.

This one could be considered to be a stash buster but the dent in the stash is not visible yet.

The colourful strips are made up of 3.5 square inch I Spy theme fabrics.

The in between blue is a metre of fabric I just happened to have in my stash.

I did not have a person in mind when I embarked on the quilt but Linda and I made a quilt for one of our great nephews when he was born and he would be on age now where he could appreciate a few games of I Spy.

Once the machine quilting is done we will be able to send it on its way to him.


jan said...

Really cute! I am sure the nephew will love it!

Shay said...

Ooh I love the idea of a scrappy chevron ....I'm thinking for me it would look great done in blocks of colour.

I love the idea of an eye spy version!